Monthly Archives: October, 2010


Ok. Despite the lack of an abundance of money, as well as other things that I could spend the money on. I caved and actually purchased that geek-crack – Minecraft.  I did and I’m not ashamed, although I do feel a bit guilty. The developer, Notch, broke his authentication server during an update about a […]

Can’t get away…

We’ve been at church all weekend. It’s just one of those weekends. It really feels like it’s been one of those months…or a few months at least.  Currently, I’m running sound for our Small Group Test Drive event, where about 50 peole from around Cincinnati have met to see how VCC small groups work.   It’s […]

Azad Indian Restaurant

While I’m not a food blogger, if I were on FB, I would be talking this restaurant up.  A co-worker and I had lunch there this afternoon and I feel so fat.  I’ve tried most of the Indian buffets in our area, this one recently opened up in the space previously occupied by Johnny Chan […]

What I like about Facebook…and what I’m doing about it.

Status Updates Twitter Microblog Posterous Photo Albums Flickr Something Else? Sharing Links Google Reader gReader Shared Items? Posterous Event Invites Dunno More as I discover them. Any suggestions?

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Well it seems as if the siren song of blogging continues to call my name.  I want a little microblog/status update/twitter/facebook thingee here too.  I’ve been poking my head around looking for something applicable.  I want to provide status updates, not really a blog entry.  I haven’t played in this world recently enough to know […]