Azad Indian Restaurant

While I’m not a food blogger, if I were on FB, I would be talking this restaurant up.  A co-worker and I had lunch there this afternoon and I feel so fat.  I’ve tried most of the Indian buffets in our area, this one recently opened up in the space previously occupied by Johnny Chan chinese buffet, at the corner of Cornell and Reed Hartman Roads.   This is the closest Indian restaurant to our office and I must say it’s the best I’ve had.  I don’t know much about authenticity, but I do know about taste… and this was delicious.  I tried just about everything on the buffet, which the owner told me they change daily.  I wish I knew the Indian names for the stuff….I had the creamed spinach with chicken, lamb with a red sauce, some fried vegetables, fried chicken wings, chili chicken stuff :D, and mango ice cream, gulab jaman, and hot chai tea.

As you can tell, food blogger I’m not, but fan of Azad, I am.  Eat There. Be Happy.

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