S’more People

So this evening is BACC‘s “S’more People” event.  Please join us at Blue Ash Nature Park about 6pm. There will be a fire and some games and hot dogs, all free.    With the invite out of the way, I want to take a minute and just write about what this means for my family and I.  They did a similar event last year.  BACC basically didn’t even exist this time last year.  They had met for perhaps 3 times, once over the previous 3 months, and I’m sure countless planning meetings. We found our way to one of their monthly meetings and almost immediately decided that God had brought us to this body for a reason.   This fall grill out was the first time I remember have conversations with most of the folks that we now are close friends with.  It is kind of scary. I’ll admit when we started considering leaving VCC for BACC, the idea that we’d be leaving a group of people we’d developed relationships with and having to create new relationships with new folks really concerned me.  I didn’t want to abandon the folks that we had grown close to, but knew that it was time for us to move on.   I even called a pastor friend of mine and had a conversation with him about this specifically.  Over the last year, we’ve spent countless hours with a group of folks dedicated to serving the community that I live in. We’ve launched a church, served in almost any role that we were asked, had meetings and outreaches and social gatherings and our own struggles that we’ve had to press in and rely on this community.  And we love the folks that we get to do it with.   We’re not a very big church.  But we’re doing Kingdom Work… and that’s really all that matters.   So where ever you are lean in and listen…. don’t let you’re fear keep you from being obedient.  Relationships and growth take a lot of work, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

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    If I may quote my great grandmother, “You must always follow where the Holy Spirit leads.” I’m happy that it sounds like you’ve found your place! And I looked at your church website; I like your message about everyone mattering to God. I hope you and your church realize your dream!

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