Spartan Race Workout – 1/12/14

alicia-crossfitYesterday morning I had the opportunity to participate in a Spartan Race Workout.  I’ve not really every looked into what makes the Spartan Race different from any of the other Obstacle Course Races. I had a buddy on Facebook ask me if I was interested in joining him.  I figured what the heck.

The workout was going to be held at a Crossfit gym. I’ve never been to a crossfit gym, or really looked into why a crossfit gym is any different from any other gym. I’ve been to a Bally’s before, but I pretty much knew that this wasn’t Ballys.  In fact I only know of two folks that do crossfit that I know of.  Here’s a picture of Alicia. This was all I knew about Crossfit and this gym.   I was a little bit intimidated.

As workout time got nearer, I realized that the workout was scheduled to be outside…. in January, the weekend after record low temperatures moved through the entire country.  I was just a little bit intimidated.

So I tried not to watch videos of Spartan Races or training sessions.  As the week went on and it started warming up, so did my heart… on the fact that I wasn’t really prepared to do the workout and that all forecasts have it being under 40 degrees on Sunday morning.   The thought actually crossed my mind about not following through.   Looking at that picture of Alicia, I wonder how it’d feel to not follow through.

Saturday evening I messaged my buddy asking him what he thought we should wear. Just to be prepared.  And shortly after that, I checked the website for the gym address to make sure I knew where I was going and I noticed that it said the workout was going to be inside!  I had no excuses now. I woke up early on Sunday morning and made my way to the gym.  I get into the workout area and folks are using various equipment and warming up. I’ve got no idea what to do. Shaun T. has never prepared me for this! As the instructor starts barking out a welcome, boot camp style (or what I imagine boot camp style would be, seeing as I’ve never done it). I quickly realize that if I have to do pushups and burpees where I’m standing, I’m going to get kicked in the face or kick someone. So I found some space of my own off to the side and made myself uncomfortable.


The first of many out and back runs that were supposed to be 200m, but this one turned out to be 400m.

A quick cardio warm up and then we’re off and running around the building, twice.  As I ran, this is what I saw. You can click through the picture to see the whole thing, but it’s a pack of folks, doing the same thing as me, same time, probably equally as uncomfortable (on some scale)…and they’re all wearing the same shirt.  “I AM TRAINING FOR A SPARTAN RACE”.  On the backs of everyone’s shirt… it says the same thing.  And this is really the point of this whole blog post.  As we went through the day, and I questioned why it was that I was pushing myself so hard…. I just had to lift my eyes up and see the reminder.  “I AM TRAINING FOR A SPARTAN RACE”.  As we ran what felt like 2 miles by the end of the morning and I could barely keep up, I would lift my head and see it - “I AM TRAINING FOR A SPARTAN RACE”  As folks gave their all and had nothing else to give - “I AM TRAINING FOR A SPARTAN RACE”


Am I  training for a Spartan Race? I am now. One goal I have set for myself this year is to complete the Mud Guts and Glory OCR.  In eyeing this goal, I have been keeping my eyes open for other Obstacle Course Races…. and now The Spartan Race is in my sights.   But the Spartan Race really isn’t the point. The point is encouragement… the point is having folks in your pack that can remind you of why it is you’re doing what you’re doing.  The point is to keep your head up. The point is to do your best, leave it all out there on the mat.  The folks that still had some to give, unlike me who stopped doing burpees and pushups when I had nothing left, but the folks that kept going…. did over 200 burpees between 8 and 10 am yesterday. An amazing feat as far as I’m concerned.

spartan group

Here’s our photo of our phalanx prior to leaving. I’m in there. I finished. If you’re looking for me, my head is visible just below the ring on the right.

This was an amazing opportunity and I appreciate Rusty for inviting me! We’ll be running buddies one day!


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  1. Amy's Gravatar Amy
    January 13, 2014 - 1:31 pm | Permalink

    So proud of you for not giving up. I can’t wait to cheer you on for your first race. You have always been my #1 cheerleader and it’s about time I return the favor! ;-) Love you lots and can’t wait to see what you can do with a little persistence and a lot of sweat!

  2. Alicia allen's Gravatar Alicia allen
    January 13, 2014 - 2:15 pm | Permalink

    Great blog Dean! It was awesome to see you there pushing trough the pain
    And uncomfortableness. Thanks for including me on your blog, I’m humbled. CFPP is a great community to be a part of and I hope you felt welcomed!! Again, great job and let me know if you or Amy are ever interested in being a guest of mine for bring a friend free day :)


  3. KP's Gravatar KP
    January 13, 2014 - 7:05 pm | Permalink

    Although I didn’t get to meet you officially at the event Sunday, it was nice to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions about Spartan Races…also I can get you 15% off registration ;)

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